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KIEN TUONG Wheelchairs - Xe lăn tay KIẾN TƯỜNG

The leading wheelchair manufacturer in Vietnam
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Electric Wheelchair KT-X11                                                                 Vietnamese
Product Details

- Stainless steel frame
- Custom made to fit user
- Yamaha Electric engine, made in Japan, capacity: 360W
- Battery/dynamo: GS JANPAN STORAGE BATTERY CO., LTD (Vietnam-Japan Joint Venture)
     . Two batteries: 24V – 24Ah x 2
     . Charger: 220V power outlet
     . Charging duration: 4-6 hours for 30-40 km drive
     . Battery lifetime: average 12 months (400 times charging)
- Overal dimension: Length: 1,400mm, Height: 880mm, Width: 650mm
- Loading capacity: 140kg
- Weigh: 60-70kg
- Speed: 10-15km/h
- Chaly wheels, aluminum hubs