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KIEN TUONG Wheelchairs - Xe lăn tay KIẾN TƯỜNG

The leading wheelchair manufacturer in Vietnam
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Kien Tuong Wheelchairs
50A Phu Tho Street, Ward 2, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  Tel: +84 90 759 1619
Kien Tuong new product 

Foldable Tricycle: save room to ship to anywhere you want


Tricycle can be folded and ready to ship =>   Easy to re-assemble         => Easy to use    =>  Kien Tuong Tricycle in France  

Kien Tuong on the News
FRONTLINE - PBS TV U.S.A.:  VIETNAM: Wheels of change
Click here to watch the video about Kien Tuong Wheelchair on PBS TV

Vietnam News: Changing lives, one wheelchair at a time
With over 700,000 people in the country in need of wheelchairs, one man istrying to fill the gap.

Thanh Nien News: A Tribute to Vietnamese Wheelchairs
Though they were originally copies of an American model, Vietnam’s first wheelchairs and the man who made them have helped change the lives of many in this country.

RoughRider Wheelchair

With the technical support from Whirlwind Wheelchair International (San Francisco State University, U.S.A.) and (Norway) HandiNor
 (Norway), as well as the financial support from Arthur B. Schultz Foundation (U.S.A.), Kien Tuong has produced the wheelchair serving all handicap people and best suits the road condition in Vietnam.

Click here to watch the video introducing the new RoughRider
                                                                                                                  RoughRider in Russia