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Kien Tuong and International Charities 
            donate wheelchairs over 30 countries in the world                                                                     

1. The Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients, Ho Chi Minh city and  Canada Charity at Kien Tuong Wheelchair

2. Latter-Day Saint Charities 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Perry - LDSC, HCM City  visited Kien Tuong in  April, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jones, LDSC Ha Noi visited Kien Tuong in April, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Treasure, Asian Area visited Kien Tuong in April, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Michel - LDSC Vietnam visited Kien Tuong in 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Felox Joseph Blinn Jr. - LDSC HCM city visited Kien Tuong in 2011

4.  ABSF - U.S.A
Donate wheelchairs for students at Thu Cong My Nghe Mua Xuan

Donate wheelchairs for The Association For The Support of HCM City Handicapped and Orphans at Hoc Mon

5. Fondlight (Paris)
The Kien Tuong wheelchair was introduced in 2009 in Paris with Mr. Gregoire Hambour, Director and Ms. Claire Ruggieri

Friendly handshake with Mr. Charles Ruggieri - Chairman Batipart / Fondlight

6. Otto Bock - Germany
General Manager of Otto Bock  

 Otto Bock and San Francisco University work with Kiến Tường

Mr. Tien Toan Nguyen donated wheelchairs for the Program "The soldier and journalist"

CEO Quoc Nguyen donated wheelchairs to the disabled in "Life is Beautiful" by the Foundation for Disabilities Children and Vietnam Television VTV was held on 30/11/2011