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The leading wheelchair manufacturer in Vietnam
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Stainless Steel Multipurpose Wheelchair KT-X05                              Vietnamese
Product Details

- Adjustable backrest, tilt angle from 900 to 1800.

- Adjustable footrests from 1050 to 1800 

- Have a removable tray
- Overall dimension: Length: 1,000mm, Width: 630mm, Height: 1,130mm; Weight: 25kg
- Seat size: Width: 400mm, Depth: 450mm, High: 700mm
- Folded chair width: 320mm

- Removable and adjustable footrests
- Stainless steel frame tube:  diameter: 22.2mm,  thickness: 11.2mm;  

- Seat cushion available in blue, dark blue, dark red, green
- Plastic rims and solid tires
- Plastic rims and solid tires