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KIEN TUONG Wheelchairs - Xe lăn tay KIẾN TƯỜNG

The leading wheelchair manufacturer in Vietnam
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 Wheelchairs of all kinds                                                                     Vietnamese

KT-X01 Powder coated Standard Wheelchair (plastic rym) : USD 128
KT-X03 Powder coated Standard Wheelchair (spoked rym and solid tire) : USD 134 
KT-X02 Stainless steel Standard Wheelchair: USD 175 



Price for exporting:

KT-X18 Foldable Powder Coated Tricycle: USD 217 

KT-X19 Foldable Powder Coated Tricycle with Roof: USD 227 

KT-X20 Foldable Stainless Steel Tricycle : USD 305 

KT-X21 Foldable Stainless Steel Tricycle with roof : USD 315

* Price in Vietnam:

KT-X06 Powder Coated Tricycle: USD 184

KT-X07 Powder Coated Tricycle with Roof: USD 195

KT-X08 Stainless steel Tricycle: USD 273

                                        KT-X09 Stainless steel  Tricycle with Roof: USD 284



                                       Click here for more details


                                                      RoughRider Wheelchairs

KT-X12 Powder coated RoughRider (2010) : USD 220 
KT-X14 Stainless steel RoughRider (2010) : USD 320 
  Click here for more details
For order outside Vietnam, please contact our Sole Authorized Distributor Whirlwind Wheelchair International


 Handcycle Cargo Trike

KT-X22: Basic Handcycle Cargo Trike: USD 270

Please send email to: info@kientuong. net to get the price of accessories.



KT -X04 Stainless steel wheelchair with tray & adjustable backrest: USD 205

KT -X05 Stainless Steel Multipurpose Wheelchair: USD 227


 Wheelchair for Cerebral-palsied

KT-X15 Stainless steel wheelchair for cerebral-palsied children: USD 195

KT-X17 Stainless steel wheelchair with tray & adjustable backrest for cerebral-palsied: USD 245


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Chair for Cerebral-palsied Children


KT-X16 Powder coated chair for cerebral-palsied children: USD 123




KT-M06 Three-wheel bicycle: USD 182



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